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I’d love to talk to you all about Pottermore Fan Forum. Please consider joining us! You can register here.

To get to know some of the other great people here, you can make a welcome topic in the Welcome section. it’s best to read through the Forum Rules quickly as well, just so you know what they are. 

If you’re here to get help with something on Pottermore, check out the Pottermore Technical Issues and Pottermore Talk. The first is for problems with Pottermore, the second is to just talk about Pottermore in general :)

You will probably notice that your first few posts don’t show up immediately, as they have to be moderated. The wait shouldn’t be too long and after the initial moderation all your posts will appear as soon as you submit them. Sometimes the wait is longer than others, it all just depends on if there are moderators online and if they are busy with something else. But like I said, it’s usually pretty quick.

When you look around a bit, you’ll probably notice people have some amazing signatures. You can have one as well! Just request one from your favourite artist, or from the artists in general, in the Art Gallery. If you put your request in the Signature Requests topic all artists can take your request and fulfill it, but if you want one from a specific artist it’s best to find their topic (usually in the Individual Artists and Galleries) and post the request there.

If you post here what house you’ve been sorted into on Pottermore, a moderator will add you to your house group here so you can see the secret common room here as well!